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Here in the Mathias & Locke household….our two boys LOVE watching their favourite YouTubers!  During the summer we wanted to make the most of the outdoors and I didn’t want to be ‘the Mommy who always says no’ every time they asked for their iPad…which was A LOT!  So, I lasered them some stars and gave them an amount of stars to last the week (like pocket money) so they could swap their stars for iPAD time.  I allocated 1/2 hour each day and they had the opportunity to win some, save some or lose some!  Very rare of course! LOL.  It worked a treat!  They didn’t nag the minute they were bored…played with toys they hadn’t for ages…..and spent as much time outside building dens and fires.  It was like an iPAD parenting revolution for me!  So, I thought I would share it with all of you lovely customers!!  The box can be personalised however you wish to reward your children.

Our beautiful white boxes have been laser engraved with matching stars.  The box comes with 7 stars with your choice of personalisation.  I hope it serves you as well as it has me!  Love Jo x

Personalisation *

Please use this space to personalise your reward box however you wish! Please ensure all spellings are correct as what is typed here will be lasered.

Reward Stars

This box comes with 7 reward stars. Please use this space to personalise what you would like on your stars. You can order additional stars at an extra cost please see below.



White wood



15CM X 11CM X 8CM


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