Bamboo Snack Plate


This is a mealtime revolution that all parents have been waiting for!  It has a silicone suction cup which can be removed of you wish, ensuring your little one doesn’t get the urge to throw it on the floor…or if they do…it will at least stop them for a little while!  Having two boys, we had lots of different plastic plates for separating food…in fact my eldest boy still doesn’t like certain foods to ‘touch’.  Therefore when we found these I just loved the idea of #nomoreplastic.
Also, as an aside I used to use these plates for developing their pincer grip.  I used to give my boys a set of tweezers and fill the compartments with small objects for them to grab and put from one section to another.
Fantastic quality – you won’t be disappointed!

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External dimensions (mm)

Diameter: 180mm

Height: 29mm


Made from Bamboo fibres; organic and eco friendly

Recommended to hand wash

Silicone suction pad; attaches to underside of plate and sticks tight to table tops; high chairs etc.