About Us

Welcome to Mathias & Locke.  We are a small family run business and have been up and running for just under two years now… How time fly’s when you’re having fun, and what a fantastic journey we have had.

We pride ourselves on our products that we sell, the service that we provide. As we are a small business, we don’t buy in large quantities and our designs are unique.  Therefore the gifts you buy are truly bespoke.  Our inspiration comes from things we love in our home and ideas come from gifts we’d like to give.  Sometimes they’re inspired by poems or favourite quotes.

It is important to us that you feel your experience is easy, personal and valued.  Therefore we are always grateful for the feedback we have received.  There is now a feature to leave reviews below each product, therefore we would be grateful if you can take the time to do this, and if you like our products, please tell your friends and relatives. This is how we get the vast majority of orders.

At Mathias & Locke we want to be able to help capture special moments in life.  We want to offer high quality products with a special personalised twist.  There is nothing better than the feeling we get when we see our products in someone’s home, or on someone’s photo’s – given as gifts.  We hope that the passion from our small family run business is brought to you when you shop with us.

Have you any special requirements or occasions you want to make special?  We would love to hear from you.

Keep up to date with us via our contact page, Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to #mathiasandlocke so we can share your special moments!

Joanne xxx